I believe that the art of photography is about observation and creativity. It is about being aware of each one personality, their essence. It is also about having sensibility to let our individuality and uniqueness come up and to capture this special moment. Photography, to me, is to surprise and to be surprised. It is to tell a story without words. It is to keep that magic instant of a special smile, a gesture, a look, an emotion or even a life stage....forever.

I also believe that photography should grab your attention and provoke an emotion, being of love, friendship, tenderness. What I like the most about my profession is to enable these moments and to make them last forever.

I like to motive spontaneity of the people I photography, capturing candid moments with the right lightning (natural or at my studio), the appropriate equipment and technical resources. I like to do that by establishing a relationship based on trust and respect and by giving a personalized experience. I also enjoy making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. In the setting chosen by the client, I photograph babies and/or children, adults and/or teenagers, couples and/or families.